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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Student Motivation

I am teaching 2 teens at the moment. One just turned 13 last week. That makes 4 teens for me right now.
The 19 & 18 both graduated a year early and have been attending a community college.
Funny how some kids just need the "you need to get this done before you go into the next grade" type of scenario to motivate them, while others, it seems you could threaten (or alternately promise) just about anything on earth and they will still look at you like you are crazy if you think they are going to do as you ask.
I've had two of each. LOL
What has helped me get through?
LOTS of prayer, good friends to listen to my, let's say...whining? complaining?...nooo...concerns?...nooo...DILEMA (yes that would sum it up). Those whose kids were much younger, had plenty of advice, on how they would handle things. Those who had been there had less. Now those that had given the advice (that I tried in vain) are asking me how I got through it.
I know this is not what you want to hear, but it really does depend on each child. The circumstances they are going through in their lives, how they feel about themselves, you, their friends,
homeschooling in general. Even what is going on in the world around them- fears, losses, family turmoil, even the economy.
And of course it depends on YOU. The mom, teacher, advisor, cook, confidant, chauffeur, bill payer, prayer warrior, person trying to make it through their own walk through life.
...Where was I? Oh yeah, so I guess that really leaves us with LOTS of prayer and the belief that we are doing what God wants us to do and He will see you BOTH through it.

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